Today’s Xerox: Engineering the Way the World Works

by Lauren Sallata, Vice President, Xerox State Enterprise Solutions

Few companies in today’s modern marketplace have a century of experience to draw on. But our long history here at Xerox does have its downside – when you ask someone what “Xerox” means to them, they might think of what our company used to be, instead of what it really is today.

Ever since Chester Carlson made the first xerographic image in 1938, Xerox has been known as a company that makes copies. However, today we do much more. Year after year we’ve been reinventing the way the world works and shares information. The “new” Xerox is a strategic and valuable partner to business and government entities, helping them through today’s technology and operations challenges.

Government agencies are tasked with building a better future for citizens, all while improving efficiencies and cutting costs. With Xerox’s experience and innovation in the public sector, agencies of all sizes are able to communicate better with constituents through digital channels, process claims faster, commute smarter, analyze and secure public data better and more accurately, and ensure citizens receive vital benefits to feed their families.

Two months after we launched the video “Engineering The Way the World Works”, it’s been viewed more than a million times. Add to that number by clicking on the link, and see for yourself who we are at Xerox today.

Discover how Xerox is reinventing the way work gets done in every industry to make a difference for our customers and their customers. By partnering with government agencies and applying our expertise in imaging, business process, analytics, automation and human centric design, we’re changing the public sector and making the future brighter for the world one constituent at a time.


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