Stop Worrying and Love Tech: Advancements Paving the Future

By Chuck Brooks, Vice President and Client Executive, Department of Homeland Security

If you think about the transformative role that technology plays in our lives, it’s easy to question how much farther technological advances can proceed in effecting societal change. Yet incredibly, technology continues to evolve at a pace we could not have envisioned 20 years ago, as we begin to shift from the “age of discovery” to the “age of mastery,” according to renowned futurist Dr. Michio Kaku. Although it’s easy to be intimidated by trends like robotics and analytics, these advancements can greatly improve our lives if we harness them properly.

I recently contributed an article to InformationWeek that delves into a few prominent areas that are seeing profound technological innovation – namely the digital revolution, the Internet of Things, health and medicine, and manufacturing. In my piece, I touch on a number of technological applications that are being developed or already implemented, as diverse as driverless automobiles, 4D printing for self-assembling machinery, and bionic eyes. If you care to learn more about the future of technology, go ahead and check out the article for yourself!

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One thought on “Stop Worrying and Love Tech: Advancements Paving the Future

  1. Important distinction …. although new technology can be intimidating, these advancements can greatly improve our lives. It also increases our level of confidence and self esteem by embracing and learning how to utilize them.


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